Feb 04

Welcome to My Blog!

IMG_6678Let me introduce myself.  I’m Roxanne Fawley.  I’m sixty years old, and have always lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I’m a new author, and have a book coming out this spring called But I Liked It and Other Lies.  It’s about how sexual abuse can enslave its victims, and just as crippling are the lies they are left believing about themselves.  A survivor myself, I desire to bring the hope of total restoration to others by sharing my story of the grace and healing power of a loving God.  I’ve battled a lifetime of depression and other mental illnesses brought on by years of childhood abuse, sexual as well as physical and emotional.  Now mentally healthy, and happier than I ever believed possible, I want to share my story, with the purpose that it might set others free from the torment of lies they may be believing about their own abuse.  I have been encouraged by those who have witnessed the remarkable transformation in my life to write this book.  It’s my prayer that others will be blessed and helped to heal by reading my very personal testimony.

A dear friend Anna M. Stryd read my book and wrote: “In reading this book, Roxanne will take you through the trials of her life as she vividly relates her sexually abusive childhood, resultant self-condemnation, and healing journey. God’s grace has enabled her to share the recollections of her abuse and healing for others to use in the identification and treatment of their sufferings. Her memories are certain to encourage others to identify coping mechanisms for their own successful recovery. This book will keep your interest from start to finish.”

On this blog, I plan to keep everyone updated on the publication of my book, and eventual signings, etc, as well as other writings.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and God Bless You!


  1. Monica

    WOW! You are moving ! I love you and you are an inspiration ! . God Bless You and Yours ! You are a remarkable gift to my life!

  2. Suzy B

    This first post is wonderful! I love it! And you! SO proud of you for sharing your beautiful story of healing and restoration through Christ to help others that have suffered like you. Thank you for being bold and unafraid through the grace of God to do what He called you to do. You have challenged yourself in so many ways by writing this book and I greatly admire your courage and ambition to take something on that would frighten most people. So proud!

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