Feb 17

Nothing But The Truth

As I say in my book, But I Liked It…and Other Lies, (due to come out this spring) I’ve spent most of my life believing lies straight from the pit of hell.  The lie that I thought I liked my sexual abuse was the most emotionally crippling. Almost as enslaving were; “I was responsible because I was the sober one; I was old enough to know better; I asked for it,” and last but not least, “If anyone ever knew, they would be disgusted and despise me.”
Now for the encouragement!. Truth! It dispels every lie by exposing it to the light of God’s Word. John 8:32 “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

I did NOT like it. I was not responsible just because my father was drunk and I wasn’t. I was his little girl! I wasn’t old enough to know better. I was only eleven. I wasn’t asking to be abused. I was asking to be loved. That was perverted by my abuser. When I was finally able to expose my beliefs to people, they were appalled, not by me, but by what had happened and by how long it took me to see the truth; to receive it in my heart and mind.
For everyone of us who has ever believed lies about our abuse and our selves, I pray this prayer that came to me today in a devotional email from Girlfriends in God.
” Dear LORD, I know that the enemy wants me to fail and fall. I also know that You want me to have abundant life filled with peace and joy. Help me to listen to Your voice and turn a deaf ear to the enemy’s taunting lies. I stand on the truth of who You are and who I am in You…more than a conqueror.

In Jesus’ Name,


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