Feb 20

More Encouraging Scribbles

Today I got a devotional email from Girlfriends In God. In it it says,

“Our words need to be encouraging. One of the highest responsibilities in the body of Christ is to practice encouragement. A word of encouragement may be a life preserver to someone drowning in a storm of life.


Our words need to be truthful. Mark Twain said, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Lies hold us in bondage while truth sets us free.


We need to be extremely careful what we say and how we say it because the spoken word is powerful. It can bless or curse, express praise or whisper slander. It can be a tool of blessing or a weapon of destruction. How we use the tongue is a dead give-away of our spiritual maturity. If we don’t learn to control our tongue, it will control us.”


I just wanted to share this with you today.


Dear Lord, May our words encourage and build others, (and ourselves) up today. May they glorify You and bring us joy and peace by Your plentiful grace.


In Jesus’ name,




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