Apr 11

Au Naturale…

I’m about to leave for a woman’s retreat with the ladies of our church, New Day, and some of their friends! AND I’ve decided to forgo the hairpiece I wear to hide my bald spot and the make-up I wear to hide imperfections. A scary proposition for someone who normally won’t even get her mail without said accessories! But if I can’t be myself in front of these precious friends, when can I? I feel free already! Let the wind blow and humidity descend, I care not a whit!

I was reading a devotion on my computer from Girlfriends In God. (I highly recommend it!) It’s main verse was Proverbs 31:30, “Beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised!” Well, I fear the Lord, and I’ll let that be my comfort this weekend as we all praise our Lord. Each and everyone of us beautiful in her own way.  The love we have for our Father will cause us to glow with a godly loveliness that age can’t quench, but rather enhance! The most beautiful woman I know is 84. God’s presence surrounds and fills her causing her to be breathtaking! Praise for our amazing, loving, and grace bestowing God, is always in her heart and on her lips. For this reason she is praised by everyone who knows her, while she deflects it all back to Him! She exemplifies the qualities I desire to be my own. Grace giving, loving, wise, non-judgmental, and always ready to go to the Throne of God on one’s behalf.

If I’m ever praised for anything, let it be for godly gifts…although a compliment on my appearance will not go unappreciated!

Til next time, God Bless you,


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