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But I Liked It...and Other Lies      Welcome to my blog, Encouraging Scribblings! It is my hope your every visit will be uplifting, leaving you with joy, or a least, food for thought. I’m not an expert at writing but am learning to enjoy it more every day. I’ve only realized I love to read since graduating from school forty three years ago. Prior to that I had considered reading in the same category as homework (probably because of the often required book report.) My preference has been to favor talking over writing. I love to tell stories about all the weird things that frequently happen to me. If I had a dollar for every time a teacher, dentist or doctor said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” I’d be a rich woman! Some things are almost unbelievable, causing a raised eyebrow or two (like the time I almost fell out of an airplane with no door.) Other things are on the bazaar side (like that way I was hired for my second job.) Since I’ve started writing, I’ve discovered  I don’t just like it, I enjoy it!

My book, “But I LIKED It…and Other Lies,” which is the main reason for my even having a blog, is part tragic, part humor and loads of triumphant! When I submitted it to 5 Fold Media the first time, they gave me a 3 out of 10 for grammar, but also the encouragement I needed to finish, telling me its message was needed. Its main purpose? To give others hope for the reality of an abundant life after abuse and the mental illnesses that often accompany all kinds of harmful behavior, especially sexual abuse. I’m living proof.

Stop by whenever you feel like a little boost. I will try to have some form of encouraging scribbles for you to enjoy. I would also love to hear from anyone who is so inclined, to leave me a message , ask me a question, or leave some encouraging words of their own.

Yes, I consider this a Christian blog, but we can have as much fun as the next guy! I possess a joy I never knew existed. One that isn’t dependent on my current circumstances, the state of my bank account , health or lack thereof. My joy rests in Whose I am, what He’s done for me, and the eternity with Him that awaits everyone who’s received the precious work He’s done for them!

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  1. Andy

    It was an honor to serve you in your publishing needs. You have come a long way with your writing calling. 5 Fold Media is now the exclusice publisher to the Capturing the Supernatural series. This project is now our main focus. Thank you so much for being a wonderful author and a great friend in the Lord. We pray God’s best for you.
    Andy Sanders capturingthesupernatural.com

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